Stackfee’s Software Development Project for L’épicier

About L’épicier

L’épicier is a home grocery delivery company in Quebec that has been providing an alternative to supermarkets for more than 25 years. The company offers quality products and services to its clients, ensuring that their grocery needs are met with ease and convenience.


L’épicier faced a critical challenge when its previous software development partner abandoned the project. They needed to build a complex payment automation system and contract management platform that would enable them to collect payments from clients’ banks. The payment requests would need to be sent out automatically in batches, and the system would also need to track failed payments and reschedule them for the future.


Stackfee was approached by L’épicier to develop the payment automation system and contract management platform. We successfully developed a payment automation system and contract management platform that allowed L’épicier to automate a previously error-prone and lengthy process. The early version of the system was launched in just five months, and it has since been heavily iterated to add new features such as automated SMS notifications, reporting, contract management functionality, and more. 


  1. The system ensured that payments were dispatched automatically to the bank, and failed payments were tracked and rescheduled for the future. The app also allowed L’épicier to charge clients for payment failures and other changes to their payments, generating additional revenue.
  2. The system has been running successfully for years and is close to transacting over one million payments.
  3. L’épicier has been able to remain operational despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, thanks to Stackfee’s incredible development work. The Stackfee team stepped in and picked up the project with almost no loss of momentum, ensuring that L’épicier’s business continued to grow year-over-year. Stackfee’s developers also produced swift implementation when needed, and their work has been instrumental in L’épicier’s continued business growth.


Stackfee’s developers used .NET core and Angular to build the back-end system and the client portal app. The app was hosted on Azure app service and used Azure SQL as the relational database. Azure blob storage was used for file storage, and SendGrid and Twilio were utilized for email and SMS notifications.