Elevating L’épicier’s Payment Processing Capabilities

Client Background: L’épicier, a prominent home grocery delivery company in Quebec, has been providing quality products and services as a supermarket alternative for over 25 years. They required a comprehensive payment automation system and contract management platform to enhance their business operations.

Project Objectives: The main objective was to develop a system for automated payment collections from clients’ banks. This system needed to include batch processing of payment requests, tracking and rescheduling of failed payments, and other advanced features such as SMS notifications and reporting.

Solution Approach: Stackfee undertook the development of the payment automation system and contract management platform. A significant part of this project involved an extensive integration with L’épicier’s bank using the widely known Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment system. This integration was crucial for ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing. Stackfee employed advanced technologies such as .NET core and Angular, and utilized Azure app services, Azure SQL, and Azure blob storage. The system also integrated SendGrid and Twilio for comprehensive notification capabilities. Initially launched in just five months, the system has been continuously evolving with new features and improvements.

Project Results: The implemented system facilitated automatic payment dispatch to banks and efficiently managed failed payments. It also enabled L’épicier to charge clients for payment failures, leading to additional revenue generation. Having been operational for years, the system has been constantly evolving and is nearing one million processed payments.

Technology Used: The development involved using .NET core for the back-end system and Angular for the client portal app. The system was hosted on Azure app service, using Azure SQL as the database, and Azure blob storage for file management. Email and SMS notifications were managed through SendGrid and Twilio.

Conclusion: Stackfee’s successful implementation of this complex project has greatly enhanced L’épicier’s payment processing capabilities. The integration with EFT and the continuous evolution of the system have been pivotal in ensuring the long-term effectiveness and ongoing success of L’épicier’s business operations.