Our services include

  • Delivering new software systems such as CRM, ERP and SaaS solutions on web, desktop, or mobile platforms
  • Migrating legacy software systems to a modernized technology

  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines to automate packaging and deployment using DevOps tooling

  • Advanced customization or setup of WordPress, Shopify or other similar platforms

  • Integrating software systems to work with popular software solutions like Stripe, Docusign, SendGrid, Mailchip, and Google Maps
  • Adapting existing solutions to be cloud ready 

  • Project rescue, help save a software project that is experiencing difficulty
  • Providing support and maintenance for existing software solutions

The Process

Below you’ll find our general process. However, every project is different and every client has different needs, so each phase will be tailored to your requirements.

Gather and Understand

At this initial phase, we’ll meet to discuss and understand your software needs, the budget, timelines, MVP, and anything else deemed important for the project. This is where you’ll send us any documentation or mockups that will help us with the next phase.


We’ll work with you to create a list of all the features your software needs, sorted by priority and complexity, and then prepare an estimate and rough plan. We’ll break down the work into multiple iterations based on your timelines. We’ll then propose the estimate and plan to you and make any revisions.

Develop (2-4 Week Iterations)

Once the plan and estimate are accepted, we’ll kickoff the first development iteration. At the end of the iteration, we’ll meet and demo what we accomplished, gather any new requirements or adjust existing ones from you and adjust the timeline and project plan.

The main goal at this point will be to achieve the MVP feature set, so that we can move on to testing and can potentially even launch in parallel with development.

Test, launch, handoff

Lastly, we’ll thoroughly test your software. Once it’s up to our, and your, standards, we’ll release your product.

As your business grows, next steps would involve identifying key expansion areas and possible optimizations within your MVP.