Quanta: Stackfee’s Time Tracking Solution

I’m thrilled to announce that Stackfee is launching its very own product: Quanta!

The Need for Quanta
In our agency, tracking hours is essential for billing, transparency, and ensuring project profitability. While it’s not the most enjoyable task, it’s a necessary one. Over a year ago, we at Stackfee decided to build our own time tracker after trying numerous alternatives. There are some solid ones out there, but we believe we can offer something even better.

What is Quanta?
Quanta is designed to make time tracking as seamless as possible for individuals, provide agency owners with reliable and accurate time entries, and offer clients transparency and insight into how hours are utilized. Our goal is to create a tool that benefits all parties involved.

Our Commitment to Excellence
We’ve poured our hearts into Quanta, from design to development and testing. This is not just a product for us; it’s a showcase of what Stackfee is capable of—demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional software solutions.

Try Quanta Today
We’ve been using Quanta internally since last September, and now, we’re ready to share it with the world. You can sign up for Quanta today for a free 30-day trial and start tracking your time with our innovative time entry prompt feature. After the trial, it’s just $5 per month per seat.

Early Adopter Program
We also have an Early Adopter Program for users who want access to our game-changing features, such as our natural language prompt feature that uses AI to create time entries from a simple prompt based on your list of projects, clients, tasks, and tags. We’re also working on integrations with popular platforms like QuickBooks to automate invoicing and Notion to track time within tasks.

If you want to become an early adopter and help shape the direction of Quanta, I’m offering a year of free access to Quanta and assistance with migrating from your current time-tracking tool.

Join Us
We’re excited to share Quanta with you and look forward to your feedback!

Enhancing Our SaaS Launchpad Offering
Another reason we built Quanta was to enhance our SaaS launchpad offering. Over the years, we’ve developed several SaaS systems for various clients and noticed that the initial setup costs for essential features can be quite significant. To address this, we’ve created a comprehensive launchpad package that includes all the core components needed for a SaaS system. We handle the entire setup process and then customize it to achieve your MVP. Check out our offering here.