SaaS Launchpad for Entrepreneurs

Unlock monthly recurring revenue with our SaaS launchpad kit and concierge technical services to get your MVP up and running. Ideal for entrepreneurs with B2B software ideas who want to quickly launch and iteratively deliver continuous value to their clients.

Launch Your SaaS App with Core Features Included

For a setup fee of $30,000 USD, backed by a money-back guarantee, we provide a comprehensive SaaS foundation complete with all core features. Your application will be hosted on Azure, with source code managed in GitHub, and equipped with both development and production environments as well as CI/CD actions. Our white-glove service includes assistance with setting up Stripe, an email service provider, and the ChatGPT API if needed. Additionally, we will customize the colors, logo, and text to align with your brand.

Hosting and Costs

The cost of Azure will depend on the traffic your app gets and specific Azure services needed. To start, you’ll likely need only $200 to $300 in monthly Azure cloud costs. You can also try and apply for Microsoft for Startups to get Azure credits that cover these costs and offer many other solutions for free. For email services, we use smtp2go, whose free plan offers 200 emails per day, for collecting subscription payments we use Stripe and they add on a transaction fee which can be found here.

We offer maintenance and scaling of your Azure environment for an additional monthly fee post-launch.

Check out our own SaaS product, Quanta, a time tracker we built for agencies, use internally, and offer to other agencies. This is a good example of what your application will look like initially minus the time tracking features.

How It Works

Initial Setup:
  • Setup Fee: $30,000 USD
  • Features Included:
    • User and Account Management:
      • User management, invite system, and granular role-based permission control
      • Authentication and account system (login, forgot password, Google authentication)
    • Subscription and Billing:
      • Tenant registration system with a 30-day free trial
      • Subscription billing per seat and invoicing integrated with Stripe
    • Integrations and Customization:
      • ChatGPT API integration
      • Email sending using SMTP2GO and standardized email templates
    • User Experience:
      • In-app auditing
      • Dark and light mode
      • Adjusting colors to your brand colors and updating logos
  • Account Setup: Configuration of Azure, Stripe, and smtp2go accounts, Google auth, Github
  • Platform: Hosted on Azure
  • Example Reference: Our product, Quanta (excluding time tracking features)
  • Time Frame: 2 to 4 weeks for initial setup

MVP Customizations:

  • Hourly Rate:
    • Development services: $50 USD per hour for the first month, increasing to $75 USD per hour from the second month onward. Development will consume the majority of hours as it is the most time-intensive part of these projects. Discounts are available for long-term commitments with a guaranteed number of hours each month.
    • Fractional CTO/Tech Lead services: $100 USD per hour. This includes meetings with the assigned CTO/Tech Lead, advising developers, gathering requirements, delegating tasks, project management, coordinating release, setting up the accounts and environments, and more.
  • Approach: We focus on building your MVP with the core features needed to address your potential clients’ problems. Having worked with many startups and built our own products, we understand that needs evolve with feedback and new ideas. Our iterative development process requires a weekly hour budget to tailor the app to your specific needs. We will hold bi-weekly sync meetings to show progress and determine the next tasks to be worked on with you. You will be invited to a Notion project to track tasks in progress. All hours will be tracked using our time tracker and invoiced at the end of each month, with timesheets provided.

Important Details

  • UI Components: Built from component libraries to reduce costs on design and development. Custom designs and implementations require significant additional time for design, development, and testing.
  • Customization Costs: Any deviations from the standard SaaS baseline will incur additional charges beyond the initial fee (e.g., if you need to use PayPal for the subscription system or another email provider instead of smtp2go).
  • Tenant Architecture: Single database for all tenants and one domain for all tenants. Customizing to a database per tenant or allowing each tenant to have their own subdomain requires additional complexity and is not included in the setup fee.
  • Technology: The front-end will be built in angular, the back-end will be a .NET Core API built on this open source framework which provides a layered architectural model based on Domain Driven Design and provides a SOLID model for your application.

Who This Offer is Great For

  • Entrepreneurs with a B2B idea that addresses immediate problems for many businesses and who want to ship something high-quality quickly, even if it means having a more generic-looking application.
  • Entrepreneurs without developers or tech expertise. Think of us as your CTO and dev team, providing a white-glove service to build and launch your product efficiently. Involving other developers or technical people can slow down the process.
  • Those who are flexible about technology and platforms. We use tried-and-true technologies that we are extremely familiar with. If they’re good enough for us and our other clients, they’re likely good enough for you.

Who This Offer Isn’t Great For

  • Those trying to build the next Uber, Facebook, Tinder, or other unicorn startups. These projects require substantial money, strategy, time, and talented people. If you need a CTO for technical advice or developers to build your vision, contact us about our fractional CTO or development services.

Money-Back Guarantee

We will perform 50 hours of work on your project and will notify you when we reach 50 hours. You can claim a refund if we have not yet exceeded 50 hours of work. Once we have completed over 50 hours or granted access to the source code, the refund is no longer applicable. We will share the source code once the setup fee is fully paid and you acknowledge that there will be no claim for a refund.


The initial setup fee can be paid in three monthly instalments, but access to the source code will only be granted once the total fee is received. Accumulated hours for customization work will be invoiced at the end of each month, with payment due within 15 days of the invoice date.

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