Empowering Property Development: A 4-Year Journey in Building a Cutting-Edge SaaS App for Builders”

Client Background: Our client, a leader in the property building industry, required a specialized SaaS application to streamline their construction processes and enhance client engagement.

Project Objectives: The main goal was to develop a SaaS app for property builders, featuring multiple front-end applications and a back-end microservice architecture. Key functionalities included a sophisticated selection system for builders, an interactive client portal, a product management system, and a time tracking feature for detailed invoicing.

Solution Approach: We built a comprehensive SaaS app that addressed all the client’s needs. The selection system allowed builders to quickly create selection sheets, either from existing options or new ones, which clients could then access through a highly interactive portal. The product management system offered a reusable framework for builders to manage products efficiently, paving the way for future inventory management and product usage analytics. Additionally, a time tracking feature was integrated to provide detailed timesheets for client invoicing.

Development Timeframe: The project has been in progress for 4 years and is still ongoing, with continuous evolution and addition of new features as per client requests.

Project Results: The software is currently being used by our client’s employees for managing clients and leads, invoicing, and property management. It is soon to be implemented in a real project. The success of this solution inspired our clients to start their own startup to further develop the platform and realize their full vision.

Technology Stack:

  • Back-end: Developed using .NET Core.
  • Front-end: Angular for the admin and client portal applications.
  • Hosting and Database: Azure app service, Azure SQL for the relational database, and Azure blob storage for file storage.
  • Third-party Integrations: Extensive use of SendGrid for email notifications and Twilio for SMS texting.

Conclusion: This SaaS solution represents a significant advancement in construction management, offering a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly approach to property development. Our ongoing collaboration with the client ensures the continuous improvement and adaptation of the platform to meet evolving industry needs.